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International cooperation

Sino-Australian Education Program

Various institutions in both Australia and China are collaborating to produce students who are capable of understanding, thinking and working on a regional and even international level to enhance people’s lives in the region and the world. This program will equip students with a global vision and compound talents to tackle regional and international issues. Students undertaking the Joint program can initially study their Australian degree locally in China. This allows students to reduce costs on their overall university fees. Students will receive a combined domestic Chinese and Australian certificate on completion of their degree.

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Internship Abroad Programs

Ausbeyond is committed to driving international cultural and educational exchanges by actively promoting Sino-Australian cooperation, and working closely with a variety of Chinese universities. We are pleased to offer domestic students our Internship Abroad Program. Students will learn professional work practices while working for major Australian companies. At the same time, students will benefit from accelerating their career while working and living in the vibrant cities of Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra. Outstanding students may have the opportunity to be sponsored.

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Study Tours / Summer Camp

Study Tours / Summer Camp

Study tours provide a great opportunity for overseas students to experience Australian culture and their relaxed lifestyle in a safe and friendly environment. Study tours include a well-balanced program of educational activities, cultural and social interactions with Australian students, as well as sightseeing. Study tours can be customised in a number of ways depending on your needs - short-term or long-term, types of program and accommodation.

  • 10 + Student
  • 1-20 Weeks (Flexible)

Study tours can be designed to meet the interests and needs of each group. Specialist tours offer programs in: Sports, Performing Arts, Environmental Studies, English Language.

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    Student Study Tours

  • 02

    Homestay accommodation

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    Adult study tours

Business Tours

AusBeyond offers services for high-end businesses wishing to expand their operations in to Australia.

We conduct business tours which provide a better understanding of the business investment environment in Australia.  

Our services can also take you through the process of gaining a business visa. The process consists of an issuance of an invitation letter, meeting the requirements of the business competency test, as well as a business interview.

Business tours can also include attending overseas advanced courses or refresher courses as well as undergo training.

In accordance to your requests, we can also provide a short-term business feasibility report.

Personalised Tours

Choosing a personalised tour can be the best
option for those who enjoy travelling the world to experience different cultures.

These can be designed around your unique interests and preferences.

No more boring souvenir shopping like everyone else!

Our Ausbeyond Travel and Tourism Department will take you to absolutely beautiful Australian towns which are well-kept secrets known only to locals, as well as secluded beaches, foodie tours that includegourmet cafés and fine restaurantsand our fabulous fashion shopping tour. Every personalised tour will surprise and inspire you.

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    Allows each family member to relax together whilst enjoying the unique Australian scenery and culture.

    Family Tour


    Girls’ Time

    Fantastic food, magnificent natural scenery as well as a glorious shopping paradise. This is not just a Girls’ Night Out– our Girls’ Time Tour is for the enjoyment of all fabulous girls.


    From street market food to fine dining, this tour allows foodies to enjoy the best of gourmet Australia.

    Food and Winery Tour