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IELTS Training

Perhaps, you are preparing for your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test and hoping to achieve an overall score of at least 7 and a score of at least 7 for each component (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

What happens during an IELTS test? What strategies will help me perform well in the tests? What do you have to do to get the result you need?

An easy way to improve your English language skills would be to immerse yourself in an English-speaking country like Australia and take the opportunity to live, work and study in Australia. While you are in Australia, you can also attend IELTS courses to coach you in IELTS exam techniques.

Ausbeyond offers IELTS training courses from a senior certified writing and speaking examiner which will give you insight into:

  • Customised learning programs through one-on-one and class-based formats
  • Practice with certified IELTS examiners before your exam
  • Find out exactly why you haven’t passed
  • Learn the tricks, tips and methods to pass
  • Classwork, assessment and feedback tailored to individual needs
  • Range of practice materials provided at no additional cost.
  • Save money, save time and save stress!

HSC Training

Welcome to join our big family

You will gain more than knowledge as you will enrich your experience within a cultural diverse society

  • Subjects on offer

    Subjects on offer

    English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Chinese.

    When you join our big family, you will gain more than knowledge as you will enrich your experience within a cultural diverse society.

  • Our approach

    Our aproach

    Highly experienced HSC tutors
    Small classes with one-to-one support
    Learn the best exam techniques

    Our Chinese-speaking teachers have a deep understanding of students’ needs and can maximize YOUR learning outcomes.

  • Mission


    We specialise in providing non-native English speaking students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their HSC goals and maximise their ATAR.

Professional Year

The Professional Year Program is an Australian Government initiative which provides international graduates from Australian universities with the practical skills and training required to enhance their career prospects of entering the Australian workforce. Graduates of accounting, information technology and engineering degrees can undertake their relevant Professional Year Program. Under the Skilled Migration pathway, completion of this program means that graduates will then be eligible for 5 points towards their permanent residency application. The Professional Year Program will provide graduates with professional skills, gain employment opportunities, learn business communications and professional codes of conduct and ethics.

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Career Opportunitie

Ausbeyond keeps a close eye on employment prospects for international students and newly arrived migrants. Over time, Ausbeyond has managed to develop good relationships with some of Australia's large and medium-sized enterprises. These relationships with large and medium-sized enterprises allow Ausbeyond to be able to alert you to job opportunities and also assist in scheduling your interview

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Career Coaching

Ausbeyond can provide guidance to newly arrived migrants and jobseekers in searching for the right career. Career coaches will guide you through the process of managing your career and identifying your strengths - allowing you to make the best career decisions. Ausbeyond’s experienced career advisors will help you in identifying your interests, building your career profile and exploring various occupations. Start your personal career journey with Ausbeyond today.

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